Eighth Monthly Post – Out of The Forest!

The first of the Memorization Games is out of beta! Can you survive in the Forest without a Spellchecker? Out of The Forest You will need to memorize short, mainly two-line verses (like the one in the picture) to get past the monsters and other troubles. If you do not type it in correctly (Capitalization […]

Auldhame Released!

Auldhame Happy New Year! Here it is, the finished Auldhame. An “Unknown Being” travels in a wide, surreal country, which is apparently no longer inhabited (at least in the ordinary sense of “inhabited”). The main goal in the story is to find your old home: your “auld hame.”

VValkabout – 3D Environment in Twine – With Walkthrough

VValkabout Basically this is a proof of concept for making 3D environments in Twine. I was seeing what I could do and how I could do it, and was quite pleased with the possibilities. There are three controls: left, forward, and right (in some places some directions are not available). You can explore all the […]