Daughter, at Hunt’s End

This is an independent scene I wrote ten years ago, which may reenter my stories later in some form. Athowl and his daughter Lereya went to a council with the chief men of Hormal that night in the Hall of the East in Hormal House. The Hall of the East had been built by giants, […]

The Wurd Creature

An instance of the Wurd creature, a deadly significant being. These descriptions were only slightly edited from when they were written in 2011. “She slung a small, leathern wallet onto the table, with a pad that had been between it and her shoulder. When it landed on the table Chi Luw heard the little, leather […]

Creative Manipulation

What would you do if asked to write a story that included the following list of words: baseball, basketball, birthday, butterfly, stopwatch, fireman, postcard, tennis shoe, home run, sweatshirt, french fries My brother tasked himself with writing something epic, and here is what he got:

A Heart and the Spirits

Amos was twelve when it happened, and it happened because he loved his mother. His father always said he was named after his mother Amy, and only his father could call him Amos. Everyone else called him by his last name, Hamilton; that is, they called him ‘Hammy’. His hair and eyes were dark, his movements […]

Folis and Ailura

This was rewritten (extensively) from an isolated scene found in my old paper notes (wow, so old).     All the serving men and women of the castle Daehrok had fled when they knew of the coming band: the fame of Ailura and his men was as potent as the fear of death itself.

Andrew Fearus vs. Harshade – The Fight

Here is the initial post from the Facebook Page introducing Andrew Fearus and Harshade: Trying something: an Arena. I introduce two characters, and you choose which of them will win a sporting contest of power. The setting is the universe of the Portal, on the Front, more description of which will be revealed in the Arena […]

The Watchman and the Word

The Chamber The Watchman sat on the fallen keystone of the high vault above him. While he remained, the chamber would not fall. Behind him stood a door, vast, but simple. Before him stood a wall. There resounded a thunderous noise, that would have shook the chamber violently, but, while the Watchman sat, the chamber […]

A Virgin for the Elves

~A Virgin for the Elves~   Micheal Marrion loved his grandfather. He would sit watching his grandfather’s hair and beard resting on his shoulders and breast with the same awe as one would watch the water of a waterfall move. When he was small he was allowed to make nests in his grandfather’s hair, and […]

Mr. Stroudfreck and the Dragon

A scene that came to me once, unconnected from any larger story. Two men are walking beside a road and one, Mr. Stroudfreck, is speaking. “Yes. Now it is sweeting up. The newest blooms are so peppery; in the pink, at least.” The sun had already dried the sidewalk, but had only begun to work […]