Daughter, at Hunt’s End

This is an independent scene I wrote ten years ago, which may reenter my stories later in some form. Athowl and his daughter Lereya went to a council with the chief men of Hormal that night in the Hall of the East in Hormal House. The Hall of the East had been built by giants, […]

Fourteenth Collection of Seven Dailies

A collection of seven past dailies from the Facebook Page! “There are bears in my brain… Have you seen the light between the stars? It is a net! We are in a cage! Everyone dances…” Standing on the roof of the building he looked down: the lights of days waxed and waned in quick succession […]

Mr. Stroudfreck and the Dragon

A scene that came to me once, unconnected from any larger story. Two men are walking beside a road and one, Mr. Stroudfreck, is speaking. “Yes. Now it is sweeting up. The newest blooms are so peppery; in the pink, at least.” The sun had already dried the sidewalk, but had only begun to work […]