HANGMEN – A Sinister Twin

For those who know what Dexter means! (I gave Dexter this name in irony: I always draw him with my left hand. I drew his reflection with my right hand.) Next – Pass the Decimals Previous – Secret Weapon

HANGMEN – Look Behind You!

The proper military behavior is situational awareness, especially awareness of what is going on behind you! See you all next week, and Merry Christmas! – Patrick Next – Save the Best for Last Previous – Newfangled Contraption

HANGMEN – Watch Your Mouth!

I have often wondered about people who have names (especially last names like Hitler) that have become synonymous with evil, or synonymous with good, like Teresa. Hitler was actually a last name of many Jews, and most had to change their name because of such things as I illustrate in this little strip. Just think […]

HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Cage

You didn’t know that was a cage? Well, to be frank, neither did I. And yes, Dexter’s words are also written with the left hand. I am glad I was able to get this up before we left for the Athlone Creation Conference. My brother also wants to give a copy of his coloring book […]

HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Dexter

This is Dexter! He is always drawn with my left hand. Using the left hand exercises the artistic part of your brain, but is also an interesting and fun challenge in and of itself (if you are right-handed). At first I was going to do a human character with my left hand, but a bird […]