HANGMEN – A Character

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HANGMEN – Newfangled Contraption

Technology hasn’t caught up with books yet. When you open a book the text and images are already there (generally). We should use technology more, to teach us patience and appreciation. Books are instant gratification. Merry Christmastime! See you next week! – Patrick Next – Look Behind You! Previous – A Noose

HANGMEN – Watch Your Mouth!

I have often wondered about people who have names (especially last names like Hitler) that have become synonymous with evil, or synonymous with good, like Teresa. Hitler was actually a last name of many Jews, and most had to change their name because of such things as I illustrate in this little strip. Just think […]

HANGMEN – Enter a Pincushion

A bit of a more grainy strip, I hope our new acquaintance doesn’t mind. Or are we not acquainted until we know his name? That will be in the strip… after the next. There is someone else to meet first. Till next week! God be with you! – Patrick Next – Such a Narrow Mind […]