Auldhame Released!


A screenshot of a signpost from my point-and-click story called Auldhame

Happy New Year! Here it is, the finished Auldhame.

An “Unknown Being” travels in a wide, surreal country, which is apparently no longer inhabited (at least in the ordinary sense of “inhabited”).

The main goal in the story is to find your old home: your “auld hame.” (more…)

HANGMEN – Save the Best for Last

HANGMENA HANGMEN cartoon strip about saving the best for last

I myself would enjoy a good stroll home under a clear sky and crescent moon. Though I do not appreciate it when people try to substitute a simple joke for something they have led to to expect.

God be with you!

– Patrick

Folis and Ailura

This was rewritten (extensively) from an isolated scene found in my old paper notes (wow, so old).


All the serving men and women of the castle Daehrok had fled when they knew of the coming band: the fame of Ailura and his men was as potent as the fear of death itself.


HANGMEN – Look Behind You!


HANGMEN cartoon strip about a bird fishing for worms on a roof

The proper military behavior is situational awareness, especially awareness of what is going on behind you!

See you all next week, and Merry Christmas!

– Patrick

Fourteenth Collection of Seven Dailies

A collection of seven past dailies from the Facebook Page!

“There are bears in my brain… Have you seen the light between the stars? It is a net! We are in a cage! Everyone dances…”
Standing on the roof of the building he looked down: the lights of days waxed and waned in quick succession all around, and the lines of moving things merged into an elegant pattern, but it was tattered like an old quilt. With infinitely greater graduality he saw lines of movement forming in the heavens: the stars were not separate points at all, but merely where these lines crossed. It formed an obvious pattern, how clumsy of them to give their design away. But no, they taunted us with something so clear: only those as buried-headed as mankind would be unable to see it. Even now he heard the groaning wheels of time and vision, like the howling of huge forest beasts. But he had seen enough at least to understand his friend’s torments.

– An isolated scene from Patrick Lauser’s old notes

black marble, glistening, white cracks


HANGMEN – Newfangled Contraption

HANGMENA cartoon about books and

Technology hasn’t caught up with books yet. When you open a book the text and images are already there (generally). We should use technology more, to teach us patience and appreciation. Books are instant gratification.

Merry Christmastime!

See you next week!

– Patrick