Daughter, at Hunt’s End

This is an independent scene I wrote ten years ago, which may reenter my stories later in some form. Athowl and his daughter Lereya went to a council with the chief men of Hormal that night in the Hall of the East in Hormal House. The Hall of the East had been built by giants, […]

The Maze of Lethe

Here is the full story of the second Choose Your Own Adventure Serial, where friends on Facebook voted for the events of the next episode. “Pardon me s’il vous plait, but we seem to have erased your memories.” The face that is leaning over you is young but heavily spectacled, with a nose so small […]

The Deep Fault

I made a serial story on Facebook, in which readers could vote on the next turn of the story. Here is the first chapter, consisting of the first nine installments of the story, culminating in a vote on the title for the whole story. For all whom it may concern, if you find the writing […]

Twelfth Monthly Post – The Longest Two Days

So… My seven year old brother gave me a challenge to make a game in two days. I said it had to be simple, so I let him choose only five things that could be in it. He decided on: a battered old book, a pocket-watch (a specific pocket-watch my brother had found in a […]


An Elven-maid there was of old,A shining star by day:Her mantle white was hemmed with gold,Her shoes of silver-grey. A star was bound upon her brows,A light was on her hairAs sun upon the golden boughsIn Lórien the fair.

All My Posted Poetry From 2018

These are not in the order I wrote them in exactly, rather they are in the order I posted them in (the order they were posted on the site, since I cannot easily look through my old Facebook posts). I shall point out ones that I actually like particularly. Let me know which ones are […]

From The Ballad of the Boat

Now are the clouds like fiery shrouds; the sun, superbly large, Slow as an oak to a woodsman’s stroke, sinks flaming at their marge; – From The Ballad of the Boat by Richard Garnett