Beta Testing Link for I Spy Baby Dragons

The Current Project is now released for beta testing! Make sure to post about any errors you find! This is a point and click adventure: clickable areas may be items you need to collect, may take you to another place, or block a sword attack (or broom attack, as the case may be). God be […]

A Success and a Secret – Second Monthly Post

Second Monthly Post I finished the project I was working on last month, the 3D environment in Twine, called VValkabout. You have to find “it” and get out before the Hunter finds you… Current Activity I am working on a secret project for a dear friend, which is coming along swimmingly, and has to do […]

Sky-Dice and a Little Book – First Monthly Post

First Monthly Post For the first monthly post, here is the link to a project I finished recently: some creative online dice. Sky-Dice They have four sound themes and fifteen backgrounds! Current Activity At the moment I am working on a proof of concept for a first person Twine game, which is working quite well. […]