Thirteenth Monthly Post: Put Your Name in My Book!

I will be putting the names of all who support me on into the second edition of my book Jorgan the Sphere: A Foreshadowed Way, which will be released on the last day of next month! Put Your Name in the Book! You can be my Patron for a friendly dollar a month (or […]

Eleventh Monthly Post – Monstrous

I was hoping to finish one of my older projects (it is very close to done), but was inspired to improve one of my favorite games I have made: 四 I added two monsters to the throng you face, and some new sound effects. One monster is your own revenant bones, which you must fight […]

Ninth Monthly Post – Into the Forest!

The second of the Memory Typing Games is out! Into the Forest You memorize short, mainly two line bywords to win past monsters and various other evils to reach and reclaim your lost treasure. If you do not type it in correctly (capitalization and punctuation is important) then monsters etc. will chase you all the […]

Eighth Monthly Post – Out of The Forest!

The first of the Memorization Games is out of beta! Can you survive in the Forest without a Spellchecker? Out of The Forest You will need to memorize short, mainly two-line verses (like the one in the picture) to get past the monsters and other troubles. If you do not type it in correctly (Capitalization […]

Seventh Monthly Post – First Monthly Post of the New Year!

We started this last year by the grace of God, and here are some things that came about! Though somewhat uncouth in name this has proved a very useful place for interactive art (or “games” if you wish). I have four there now, though the main ones are still in need of some play-testing […]

Auldhame Released!

Auldhame Happy New Year! Here it is, the finished Auldhame. An “Unknown Being” travels in a wide, surreal country, which is apparently no longer inhabited (at least in the ordinary sense of “inhabited”). The main goal in the story is to find your old home: your “auld hame.”

Fifth Monthly Post – Beta at Last!

Monthly Post The first of the twin memorization games is finally in beta! you can beta test it here by typing the password “beta”. Out of the Forest Temptation The memorization games have been delayed and so near being finished for so long that I have been tempted to delay them longer and work on […]

Fourth Monthly Post – Elijah, Cluedo, and I Spy Baby Dragons

Monthly Post! First and happily the release of the final, complete, and hopefully bug free I Spy Baby Dragons! It is a mysterious and difficult point-and-click I Spy adventure. Bring your sword! I will be adding a trailer and walkthrough for it soon. I Spy Baby Dragons An Unexpected Party The memorization games have been […]

Coming and Going in Beta – Monthly Post

Monthly Post! I have been starting to try improvements on the site (which clearly needs them). Any advice or information from my kind friends would be greatly appreciated! I am also making progress on some Twine adventures that will be going out of and coming into the beta testing phase. Going out of Beta The […]