Thirteenth Monthly Post: Put Your Name in My Book!

I will be putting the names of all who support me on into the second edition of my book Jorgan the Sphere: A Foreshadowed Way, which will be released on the last day of next month!

Put Your Name in the Book!

You can be my Patron for a friendly dollar a month (or a fiver if you be so inclined), and your name will be added to the book (and you will of course receive a free copy of the ebook!). You will then have access to an ever increasing amount of Patron only things (including a secret language and a flaming igloo).

Patrick Lauser ready to put your name in his fantasy book.

My Thank You to all who join!

God be with you all!

Your servant,

Daughter, at Hunt’s End

This is an independent scene I wrote ten years ago, which may reenter my stories later in some form.

Athowl and his daughter Lereya went to a council with the chief men of Hormal that night in the Hall of the East in Hormal House. The Hall of the East had been built by giants, and the rest of the house had been built around it years afterward. As they came in through the atrium they did not realize that they had gradually become the last of their party, while they spoke together in low voices. They slowed and stood still completely as the others passed into the Hall of the East through the huge, black doors. They did not see Weseout, the magistrate, waiting for them in the door with one leaf partly open. The door was so large that, though it was open wide enough for a man to pass through, it seemed only slightly open. Even when they turned to face the door, and slowly looked up all its height, they continued to talk.

When they stepped forward Weseout spoke quietly, “There are three large images in the stained glass window, I am warning you if you are sensitive to such things.” Lereya leaned on her fathers left arm, and the gesture seemed to make both of them large, even standing before the towering doors as they did. Athowl answered the magistrate, “We might be sensitive. With us it is not so fixed as your human disposition, because we are freer in our intercourse with images.” Weseout said, “Come in, they are a worthy sight.” Even when they came they did not do it immediately, they paused. Lereya laid her hand on her fathers breast, and he covered it with his own hand.


The Maze of Lethe

Here is the full story of the second Choose Your Own Adventure Serial, where friends on Facebook voted for the events of the next episode.

“Pardon me s’il vous plait, but we seem to have erased your memories.”

The face that is leaning over you is young but heavily spectacled, with a nose so small and prominent that it suggests an anthropomorphic small animal. Clustered around the face are dense masses of darkish hair as curled as coiled cord electrical cables. He steps back as you move to get up.

You are getting out of a wheeled hospital bed with straps hanging from it, onto grass. Why would there be grass, when you can see the roof is that of a stony cave? And why were you lying on a gurney fully dressed? On your feet are well used mountaineering boots, contrasting with spotless white pantaloons, a white shirt, and a tweed vest in the tan and dull green colors of far developed mold.

The other man is dressed in a dingy grey boilersuit, covered in an assortment of needles, pliers, and other similar tools. He is offering you a lump of dried figs with a trembling hand. He seems somewhat afraid of you.


The Deep Fault

I made a serial story on Facebook, in which readers could vote on the next turn of the story. Here is the first chapter, consisting of the first nine installments of the story, culminating in a vote on the title for the whole story.

For all whom it may concern, if you find the writing style of the story to be difficult to read, you can always refresh yourself with a little monster slaying game I made.

It begins in darkness. “You” refers to a colony of beings of unknown origin and kind. Now, here is chapter one:

One Day After Three Thousand Years

Your preternatural, many-voiced consciousness simmers at the bottom of a subterranean cavity filled with an unknown, warm fluid.


Twelfth Monthly Post – The Longest Two Days


My seven year old brother gave me a challenge to make a game in two days. I said it had to be simple, so I let him choose only five things that could be in it. He decided on: a battered old book, a pocket-watch (a specific pocket-watch my brother had found in a robber’s den), a field of roses, and two robots (I must say, a quite artistic and imaginative combination). And technically the game only contains these things.


I guess I wasn’t in the right mood for simplicity to come out on top in the heat of the moment. Each robot has four weapons and an upgraded version, and each weapon has an attack and defense mode, all which must be separately drawn and animated (an amount of animation unprecedented in previous games, though mostly very simple). Then, of course, what happens when you fail a level? When you level up? When you win?

Needless to say it has been longer than two days, but I am really loving the game, and I am learning a lot of things. Here is a peek at the battered book on a backdrop of roses (or some such red flower):

A battered book on a backdrop of a field and daytime stars

Like pretty much all my games it will be unique from all the ones I have already made.

I have also been doing

some other things, such as working on the second edition of Jorgan the Sphere: A Foreshadowed Way. Here is a comparison of the first cover with a draft for a new one:

A comparison of a first edition cover and a draft for an improved cover.

I’ll be repainting the series title since it still looks like “The Toryan Sphere” to most people, and I’ll be changing the book title to be more in keeping with the rest.

I have also done yet more touch up work on : added some fade transitions, modified the default Twine loading screen, and a few other things. I quite like that game.

I updated the banner for the Facebook Page too, but it’s basically a touch up or redo of my Patreon / banner. I might try to get the touched up version onto those spots as well.

A banner with the serpent on a pole as the logo of A Servant of The Author.

So until next month, may God bless and keep you all!

— Your servant, Patrick. צ

Eleventh Monthly Post – Monstrous

I was hoping to finish one of my older projects (it is very close to done), but was inspired to improve one of my favorite games I have made:

I added two monsters to the throng you face, and some new sound effects. One monster is your own revenant bones, which you must fight with the rest of the monsters if you die.

The other monster is also you: a walking mirror which, in contrast with everything else, you must not destroy. It adds an entire layer to the skill required: trying to destroy one thing, and not another.

gif of a monster slaying game with a lantern, cleaver, and si, the number four in Chinese

My seven year old brother challenged me to make a game in two days, but it grew larger than I intended, and so I am not sure when it will appear, as I of course do not want to abandon other projects. But it’ll be great, really fun and unique.

Till soon, God be with you all!

— Patrick