Eighth Monthly Post – Out of The Forest!

The first of the Memorization Games is out of beta! Can you survive in the Forest without a Spellchecker? Out of The Forest You will need to memorize short, mainly two-line verses (like the one in the picture) to get past the monsters and other troubles. If you do not type it in correctly (Capitalization […]

The Wurd Creature

An instance of the Wurd creature, a deadly significant being. These descriptions were only slightly edited from when they were written in 2011. “She slung a small, leathern wallet onto the table, with a pad that had been between it and her shoulder. When it landed on the table Chi Luw heard the little, leather […]

Creative Manipulation

What would you do if asked to write a story that included the following list of words: baseball, basketball, birthday, butterfly, stopwatch, fireman, postcard, tennis shoe, home run, sweatshirt, french fries My brother tasked himself with writing something epic, and here is what he got: