HANGMEN – Save the Best for Last

I myself would enjoy a good stroll home under a clear sky and crescent moon. Though I do not appreciate it when people try to substitute a simple joke for something they have led you to expect. God be with you! – Patrick Next – Jailbird Previous – Look Behind You!

Folis and Ailura

This was rewritten (extensively) from an isolated scene found in my old paper notes (wow, so old).     All the serving men and women of the castle Daehrok had fled when they knew of the coming band: the fame of Ailura and his men was as potent as the fear of death itself.

HANGMEN – Look Behind You!

The proper military behavior is situational awareness, especially awareness of what is going on behind you! See you all next week, and Merry Christmas! – Patrick Next – Save the Best for Last Previous – Newfangled Contraption

Fourteenth Collection of Seven Dailies

A collection of seven past dailies from the Facebook Page! “There are bears in my brain… Have you seen the light between the stars? It is a net! We are in a cage! Everyone dances…” Standing on the roof of the building he looked down: the lights of days waxed and waned in quick succession […]

HANGMEN – Newfangled Contraption

Technology hasn’t caught up with books yet. When you open a book the text and images are already there (generally). We should use technology more, to teach us patience and appreciation. Books are instant gratification. Merry Christmastime! See you next week! – Patrick Next – Look Behind You! Previous – A Noose


A noose is a strange weapon: while like other weapons it is used by both sides, it is often simultaneously seen by both sides as the symbol of their enemy. Till next week, God be with you all! – Patrick Next – Newfangled Contraption Previous – Watch Your Mouth!

Twelfth Collection of Seven Dailies

Here is the twelfth collection of seven past dailies from the Facebook Page! Willing hands will do What wilful ones will never And receive their rest. – Patrick Lauser