Fifth Monthly Post – Beta at Last!

Monthly Post The first of the twin memorization games is finally in beta! you can beta test it here by typing the password “beta”. Out of the Forest Temptation The memorization games have been delayed and so near being finished for so long that I have been tempted to delay them longer and work on […]

HANGMEN – Watch Your Mouth!

I have often wondered about people who have names (especially last names like Hitler) that have become synonymous with evil, or synonymous with good, like Teresa. Hitler was actually a last name of many Jews, and most had to change their name because of such things as I illustrate in this little strip. Just think […]

Eleventh Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page! The Rod Raise the Rod of the Ruler of wild things Worthy of waking the waste to his will; Even the ash will answer to aid the Otherworldly. Where will the Cry in the way take the wakeful? To hidden, hoary teachers of high tokens, To […]

HANGMEN – Such a Narrow Mind

What is it to truly have an open mind? What is it to have a narrow mind? Till next week! God be with you all! – Patrick Next – Watch Your Mouth! Previous – Enter a Pincushion

Tenth Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page! A technique for using Gimp: Instead of using a brush to apply something, duplicate the layer you are working on (right click the layer in the layer list and it has the option, or do Ctrl+Shift+D). Change the filters and settings on the copy, then put […]

HANGMEN – Enter a Pincushion

A bit of a more grainy strip, I hope our new acquaintance doesn’t mind. Or are we not acquainted until we know his name? That will be in the strip… after the next. There is someone else to meet first. Till next week! God be with you! – Patrick Next – Such a Narrow Mind […]

HANGMEN – Enter a Hole with Spikes

It is true there are things that are better not to know, and things that certain people should not know for certain reasons, but of course it is always nicer when you can and do know, no? The next strip will introduce another character! A rather large one too (at least compared to a worm). […]

Eighth Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page! That would never happen to a real rhinoceros. – Snoopy in Peanuts by Charles Schultz   To Any One Go not forth to call Dame Sorrow From the dim fields of Tomorrow; Let her roam there all unheeded, She will come when she is needed; Then, […]

HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Cage

You didn’t know that was a cage? Well, to be frank, neither did I. And yes, Dexter’s words are also written with the left hand. I am glad I was able to get this up before we left for the Athlone Creation Conference. My brother also wants to give a copy of his coloring book […]