Fourth Monthly Post – Elijah, Cluedo, and I Spy Baby Dragons

Monthly Post! First and happily the release of the final, complete, and hopefully bug free I Spy Baby Dragons! It is a mysterious and difficult point-and-click I Spy adventure. Bring your sword! I will be adding a trailer and walkthrough for it soon. I Spy Baby Dragons An Unexpected Party The memorization games have been […]

Seventh Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page! Hope and Patience An unborn bird lies crumpled and curled, A-dreaming of the world. Round it, for castle-wall, a shell Is guarding it well. Hope is the bird with its dim sensations; The shell that keeps it alive is Patience. – George MacDonald   Welcome to […]

HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Dexter

This is Dexter! He is always drawn with my left hand. Using the left hand exercises the artistic part of your brain, but is also an interesting and fun challenge in and of itself (if you are right-handed). At first I was going to do a human character with my left hand, but a bird […]

Sixth Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page! Rise with the rosy light, right your way, Clothe yourself in craft and fiercely cry; The world, the watching, the ways of them, Nay, the never-ending sound of night; They force offense on the friends of law: The crooked colour of the high cloud Shall judge […]

HANGMEN Cartoon Strip – Enter a Worm

In this one a new character is introduced: a worm. I hope it will bring you much joy and pleasure. The next strip will also introduce a character, by the name of Dexter. Here are all the HANGMEN strips so far! Till soon, be blessed! God be with you! – Patrick Next – Enter a […]

Fifth Collection of Seven Dailies – Milne, Victor Hugo

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page! “He and the Forest, alone together- The springs that come and the summers that go, Autumn dew on bracken and heather, The drip of the Forest beneath the snow…. All the things they have seen, All the things they have heard: An April sky swept clean […]

HANGMEN – Enter the Sergeant-Guards!

A HANGMEN cartoon strip! In this one I add some scenery. And I introduce one of my favorite characters: the Sergeant-Guards! They are more recent, and I had much fun developing them. I am experimenting with a new form of the Title, and I certainly like it more than the block letter one I began […]

Fourth Collection of Seven Dailies

Another collection of seven dailies from the Facebook Page! Let eyes be opened in this world, truth taught by truth, and the thoughts of many generations weighed in the balances that are dusty and unused. ¬†– Patrick Lauser   Who hath wrought and done it, calling the generations from the beginning? I the LORD, the […]

Andrew Fearus vs. Harshade – The Fight

Here is the initial post from the Facebook Page¬†introducing Andrew Fearus and Harshade: Trying something: an Arena. I introduce two characters, and you choose which of them will win a sporting contest of power. The setting is the universe of the Portal, on the Front, more description of which will be revealed in the Arena […]

New HANGMEN Cartoon Strip

A new cartoon strip from HANGMEN! This is actually the first idea I thought of for the strip. Hangman, the titular character, is not even just a single character, but more like a symbol. Appropriate for a titular character, no? Aesthetically speaking, I want to draw my own boxes. But if that detracts from the […]