Coming and Going in Beta – Monthly Post

Monthly Post! I have been starting to try improvements on the site (which clearly needs them). Any advice or information from my kind friends would be greatly appreciated! I am also making progress on some Twine adventures that will be going out of and coming into the beta testing phase. Going out of Beta The […]

Second Cartoon Strip and Name Reveal

Here is the second strip, and the Name (which it has had since its conception some time ago)! Next – These are My Eyes Previous – Proof of Concept

Second Seven Dailies Collection

The Second Collection of seven dailies from the Facebook page! Keep the hand comely In bloom as the flower, but Hard in work as wood. – Patrick Lauser   Interesting: The “angel” in the word “evangelize” (ev – angel – ize) is from the same root as the word “angel”. The word “angel” is from […]

Passage from Beowulf

This is a passage from the ancient epic Beowulf that I quoted some time ago as a daily post, but I feel that the passage deserves a larger and more detailed quote. So here it is from Francis Barton Gummere’s translation, with a recording. “Whiles they vowed in their heathen fanes altar-offerings, asked with words […]

Seven Dailies Collection

Here be the first seven Dailies posted on the Facebook Page! If you are not grateful to God for the Internet, you do not deserve to use it.  – Patrick Lauser   Every action is both physical and spiritual in nature, because an action implies life, and life is the union of the body and […]

Proof of Concept Cartoon Sketch

Here is one of my postponed Weeklies! This is a very quick sketch of two characters – Pencilman and Hangman – in a possible cartoon strip. Next – Name Reveal

Beta Testing Link for I Spy Baby Dragons

The Current Project is now released for beta testing! Make sure to post about any errors you find! This is a point and click adventure: clickable areas may be items you need to collect, may take you to another place, or block a sword attack (or broom attack, as the case may be). God be […]