A Success and a Secret – Second Monthly Post

Second Monthly Post I finished the project I was working on last month, the 3D environment in Twine, called VValkabout. You have to find “it” and get out before the Hunter finds you… Current Activity I am working on a secret project for a dear friend, which is coming along swimmingly, and has to do […]

A Virgin for the Elves

~A Virgin for the Elves~   Micheal Marrion loved his grandfather. He would sit watching his grandfather’s hair and beard resting on his shoulders and breast with the same awe as one would watch the water of a waterfall move. When he was small he was allowed to make nests in his grandfather’s hair, and […]

Mr. Stroudfreck and the Dragon

A scene that came to me once, unconnected from any larger story. Two men are walking beside a road and one, Mr. Stroudfreck, is speaking. “Yes. Now it is sweeting up. The newest blooms are so peppery; in the pink, at least.” The sun had already dried the sidewalk, but had only begun to work […]

The Road Into Fairy Land – From Phantastes

This is one of my favourite portal scenes in fiction. “While these strange events were passing through my mind, I suddenly, as one awakes to the consciousness that the sea has been moaning by him for hours, or that the storm has been howling about his window all night, became aware of the sound of […]

VValkabout – 3D Environment in Twine – With Walkthrough

VValkabout Basically this is a proof of concept for making 3D environments in Twine. I was seeing what I could do and how I could do it, and was quite pleased with the possibilities. There are three controls: left, forward, and right (in some places some directions are not available). You can explore all the […]