Beowulf Quote

Such was their practice, a heathen hope; Hell possessed their hearts and minds: the Maker was unknown to them, the Judge of all actions, the Almighty was unheard of, they knew not how to praise the Prince of Heaven, the Wielder of Glory. Woe to him who must in terrible trial entrust his soul to […]

To Ash

Will ash Be sifted through To raise the shaking sparks And burn the fields and forests all To ash?

Charles Schulz Quote

That would never happen to a real rhinoceros. – Snoopy in Peanuts by Charles Schultz

To Any One by George MacDonald

To Any One Go not forth to call Dame Sorrow From the dim fields of Tomorrow; Let her roam there all unheeded, She will come when she is needed; Then, when she draws near thy door, She will find God there before. – By George MacDonald

Colours on the Brown

Leaves are coming down: They come to meet the dark brown, And show it colours. – Patrick Lauser

A Sapling

A Sapling A rod of fineness and fertile worth Pointing by feet the center of earth, Questing downward and into the light A rising spear for darkening fight. A wrist’s girth, fitting grip for the hand, Prepares to glory over the land. Yet now between two stakes bending hard Beneath a rough sky blank and […]

Nightly Cry the Beasts

Nightly cry the beasts Close your doors before your eyes Sleep through the huntings. – Patrick Lauser

Hope and Patience by George MacDonald

Hope and Patience An unborn bird lies crumpled and curled, A-dreaming of the world. Round it, for castle-wall, a shell Is guarding it well. Hope is the bird with its dim sensations; The shell that keeps it alive is Patience. – George MacDonald

A Wind in the Heart

A Wind in the Heart Breathes a token of Fear, Darkness builds his Art And lays foundations here. While hopeless in strife He has wounded me sore, In the Light of Life There is opened a Door. – Patrick Lauser

Patrick Lauser Quote

There are two things you will never get used to: Heaven, and Hell. – Patrick Lauser